Our work focuses on American lives, their work-a-day stories, and how they see the world around them. The pictures and stories come from those who are most often only seen as the subjects of photojournalism. With cameras in their hands they become the creators, frame by frame, of the pictures and words that tell the story of their lives. Participatory photography is about people, by people.

Developing Lives

Developing Lives is a participatory photography program that provides New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) residents with the tools to share their stories through the language of photography. This photography style turns the traditional photography paradigm on its head. Those who normally are the subjects of photography become the photographers, documenting their own lives and taking charge of their own narrative. Framing their lives through their camera lens, these photographers offer new ways of seeing daily life in public housing.

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StudioNYCHA is the NYCHA arts website that shares the photographs created by Developing Lives participants. Information about the Developing Lives classes, including lesson plans, schedules, and the blog, can also be found under the “Photography” section of the website. Over 10,000 viewers have shared the perspective of these residents online.

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The New York Daily News featured a full-page spread about the Developing Lives pilot program, spreading the residents’ photographs and stories to a large population of New Yorkers.

Kodak is a sponsor of the Developing Lives program who has donated their single-use film cameras that are distributed in the weekly photography classes. An article showcasing the Developing Lives program was recently posted on their blog.

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Young Photographers Show Lives of Hardship and Hope

The director of Seeing for Ourselves has curated innovative and widely praised photography exhibits of war photojournalism and participatory photography. Milestones include the Manhattan exhibit Unbroken by PhotoVoice, a group dedicated to this school of photography.

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